Enable multi-threaded download for Chrome and Edge, accelerate like IDM
Step 1.Run Google Chrome browser, input "chrome://flags" in the address bar and press "Enter" on your keyboard to open "Experiments" settings page.

Step 2. 
Type "Parallel downloading" in the top search box.

Step 3.
 The "Parallel downloading" feature will immediately show up. The option was originally set to "Default". After switching it to "Enabled" and pressing "Relaunch" button in the lower right corner, Google Chrome will be automatically closed and reopened, releasing Chrome's built-in multi-threaded download restriction.

This is how to speed up download in Chrome using a barely known trick. Theoretically, this method is also applicable to other Chromium-based browsers, for example, you're able to visit "edge://flags/" and enable "Parallel downloading" on Microsoft Edge. Not sure which version this feature started from, but it can definitely accelerate the download speed. Check out the before & after comparison below.